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Donate to one of the following pillars

Scholarships and Educational Assistance

Increase the number of housing residents who go to college by awarding scholarships to residents who demonstrate a strong commitment to their communities. Scholarships will be used to pay for books, tuition, supplies, equipment or any other school-related expenses. There is no age restriction. Eligible residents must be enrolled in a college or university.

Training Grants

Contribute to the ongoing  training and development of residents who are committed to the ongoing growth of building and sustaining their community .

Travel and Conference Registration

 Fees are for Residents to Attend Housing Conferences. Contributions will pay the cost for housing residents to attend conferences to participate in training, certification programs, networking events and professional development activities.

Passion Projects

Contributions can be made to fund a project or program that will strengthen the community by focusing on the needs of children, disabled persons, seniors, and other individuals important to you. What community project is your passion?  Fund it and NAR-SAAH will implement it for the designated community or population.

General Contribution

A general contribution can be made to the growth and sustainability of 


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