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Community Garden

Passion Projects

Contributions can be made to fund a project or program that will strengthen the community by focusing on the needs of children, disabled persons, seniors, and other individuals important to you. What community project is your passion? Fund it and NAR-SAAH will implement it for the designated community or population.

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Corporations and individuals are encouraged to make a tax-deductible contribution to cover the cost of the following types of passion projects:

  • Coats from Operation Warm for 25 low-income children and/or youth who are unable to attend school without these necessities. $2,000.00 

  • Start-up school supplies for elementary children in a single public housing development. $1,500.00

  • A musical instrument for a student who is a member of his/her school ban or orchestra. $500.00

  • One chartered bus and tickets for a resident council to take children to a performing arts or cultural enrichment event in the region. $1,000.00

  • Residential summer camp fees for a child. $500.00

  • Computer software to teach civility, cultural competence, or other social skill sets. $225.00

  • Develop and administer a survey to assess a community health problem. $3,000.00

  • Hire two adults and youth to operate an after-school program to assist children with homework and personal challenges. $5,000.00

  • Renovate a room (i.e., paint, replace floor covering, improve lighting, etc.), in the community center as space for a program to support elderly residents or disabled persons. $10,000.00

  • Furniture to equip a room in the community center for individuals with special needs (i.e., elderly residents, disabled persons, or toddlers). $3,500.00

  • Holiday gifts for children and youth with good school attendance and academic performance. $600.00

  • Incentives (gift cards) for teen mom/dads, grandparents who raise their grandchildren, foster care parents, and others) who volunteer significant time in housing programs. $250.00

  • Matching funds for a newly funded or existing resident programs that strengthen families and improve community conditions. $1,000.00

  • Fees to attend seminars and training (CEUs) to address substance abuse, family violence, money management, employment readiness, etc. $300.00

  • Baby travel systems (car seats, etc.). $100.00

  • Create a reading club for elementary children (i.e., books, education games, etc.). $600.00

  • Public housing choir (i.e., director, pianist, rental fees for equipment). $6,500.00

  • Other projects may be selected that are of interest to a sponsor or individual.

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