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Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, NAR-SAAH is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our campaigns and programs. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s singular focus, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of progressive strategies. Learn more about our initiatives and get involved yourself.

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Education & Outreach

Several scholarships are provided annually to support college students living in public and assisted housing communities. Assistance includes textbooks, admissions fees, transportation (airline, train or bus tickets), computer or technology aids, long distance phone cards, and other case specific forms of educational assistance.measurements.

National Resident Services and Resident Leaders Conference

NAR-SAAH sponsors national conferences to empower housing employees, commissioners and resident leaders. Conferences provide workshops, certification training, educational tours, health screening, exhibits, dialogue with foundation officials, and networking events. National awards are presented to praiseworthy individuals from diverse walks of life.


NAR-SAAH conducts elections for resident commissioners, resident advisory boards and resident councils consistent with regulation 964 and other local requirements. In this role, NAR-SAAH oversees all aspects of the elections to insure procedures are fair, certifies the eligibility of candidates, and gives sufficient notice to voting members of the community.


A pool of consultants is available to prepare grant applications that seek funding for resident programs consistent with the applicant’s programmatic focus. Upon request, NAR-SAAH will serve as the grant administrator and/or program evaluator.

Partnerships with Businesses and Public Agencies

Many businesses are committed to supporting programs in the community that assist families. NAR-SAAH identifies projects that are compatible with the expressed interest of businesses and coordinates the formation of partnerships to meet pressing human service needs.

Performance Review of Resident Services and Resident Council Programs

To respond adequately to the needs of residents and to build sustainable funding support for Resident Services, the programs must be administered properly, have adequate internal controls to ensure accountability, demonstrate measurable outcomes, and impact families served in positive ways. NAR-SAAH conducts performance reviews to determine the extent to which Resident Services has met these standards by examining grants activity and the overall operations of the department. Recommendations for restructuring are submitted in a Performance Report along with a Resident Services Action Plan.

Certificate Training

Customized training is conducted under the Resident Academy for volunteers and professionals who operate resident programs. Classes are six-hour courses delivered on-site. The curriculum prepares attendees with knowledge and competence in various skill sets. A 60-hour certification program is also available to PHA employees and service providers, resident commissioners, and RAB/resident council leaders.

Promoting Objective Housing Policy and Legislation

NAR-SAAH provides testimony at Congressional hearings, participates in housing policy discussions, consults with philanthropic organizations on best practice programs, serves as panelists at conferences, and participates in the introduction of sensitive housing legislation to address the needs of its members and the families served.Note: At various times throughout the year, announcements will be posted on the website that informs the public of the dates they may submit applications for the various NAR-SAAH Foundation programs.

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